When the World is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around – The Police

My friend Dave

Likes living in a cave

To him this pandemic

Is merely systemic

The roots are moot

Right down to the root

His common mantra

Play more Sinatra

He’s already learned it

He’s already hermit

He gets his mail

Without fail

About twenty yards

From his big front yard

Hmm bill junk and another bill

Stuff that all can now be landfill

Now that everyone’s isolating

Who’s gonna make him be taking

Any more real life seriously

When it’s now virtual reality

Social media


Facebook scene



Live porno cams

The new world is creating

Psychos masturbating

Bullets, beer, water, tripe

And lotsandlotsandlotsa butt wipe

Oh and by the way

He hopes it’ll stay

He wishes for you

All he’s learned to do

He wishes the serene

As you quarantine

We can all rise above it

If we can just learn to love it

The new improved norm

Is waiting out the storm

Maybe another 4 score

But hopefully more

Inside your little home

Like a good little gnome

Who likes his cave

Just like my friend Dave.


Taft, California 3.23.20