(music: Janis Joplin and Kraftwerk)
God guides me.  I'll be okay.
He says go back to bed.

He guides me to Albertsons.
I sort of feel safe there.

He keeps reminding me to be good
Or I'll end up in jail.

When I walk on Center Street
Through the boarded up thrift shops
It reminds me of death.
But I won't be afraid.
I'll be okay.

His rod and staff make me feel small
Yet acknowledged.
He still to this day 
Grants me food stamps:
Right in front of my former peers
Who drive their Mercedes Benzes by me.

He drenches me in oil;
Taft overflows in it.

Surely, I'll be fine.
I'll be okay until I die.
And when I get to heaven,
I'll be okay there, too.

Taft Nov. 3 2019