They wish you well

They only want the best for you

Once you get over your delusions of grandeur

Once you come back to Jesus

They really want the best for you

Only the best

They don’t want you to suffer

But they want you to learn

Through suffering

They think

You will learn


And come back.

Secretly they may even smile

Thinking God is finally giving you your due

your due of love

with a capital L

“The Lord loves whom He chastens.”

They thank Him

For finally

working in your life.

Better to die humble and a lamb

Than arrogant and an asshole.


But what they don’t know

is you are already humble

You were even before

The Steve Winwood song

Made more loving sense.


They would like to see you stay where you are




You will be corrected.”

When all along

Not once were you arrogant when you were successful.

And you never did ditch Jesus.


Of course, Jesus said what he usually says.

“No comment.”


Taft 1.11.20

music by Steve Winwood